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Curricula containing scientific theories reinforced by laboratory work

A recognized regional and international educational and research institution

Scientific research and knowledge production are the core of university's role

President of Al-Ayen University

Professor Anis Abdel Wahab Saleh

At the beginning of the current academic year 2017-2018, we are pleased and proud to announce the launching of  Al Ain University, which is intended to be a great monument and a scientific proof referred to that the cadres keen in all dimensions to make this university of a sophisticated nature and strong competition with every honor and transparency for the rest of the universities other aspects of Iraq, Arab and international.

President of Al-Ayen University
About The University

Al-Ayen University Dhi Qar

Scientific research and the production of knowledge are at the heart of the university's role, and the availability of specialized research centers and the possibility of establishing other centers with the human resources of leading and pioneering researchers will be a priority for us even though the research effort requires financial resources. During increased budgets for researchers.

We look forward to the future with optimism in our confidence in ourselves, our potential and our capabilities. We must be aware that our success is a success for our country, which we cherish, and for our role in creating pioneering and open generations of renewable and renaissance ideas.